• Friday, 6th of September
  • Saturday, 7th of September
  • Sunday, 8th of September
 Global Regenerative Academy 
 The 1st Global Regenerative Congress  
9:10 AMPANEL. Basic science in Regenerative Medicine 
M.D.Dzihan AbazovicClinical application of autologous products 20 min.
M.D. M.S.DimitriosTsoukasAdipose tissue derived stem cells in Orthopaedics. Can an Orthopaedic surgeon perform a liposuction?20 min.
M.D.Magdalena  KrawczykThe use of stem cells in pediatric neurology20 min.
Prof. M.D.DusanMaricStem cell treatment of cerebral palsy20 min.
Prof. M.D.GamzeKöseStem cell usage in hard tissue engineering20 min.
M.D. PhDMiomirKnezevicRole of Mesenchymal Stromal/Stem cells (MSC) in Regenerative Medicine20 min.
11:30 AMGRAB A COFFEE 20 min.
PANEL.  Regenerative Orthopedics, Sports Medicine and Pain Management 
SESSION. Cartilage Regeneration 
Prof. M.D.Tahsin BeyzadeogluSurgical principles of cartilage regeneration techniques20 min.
M.D. Dzihan AbazovicCartilage regeneration techniques20 min.
M.D.Fabio SciarrettaManagement of knee cartilage defects by one-step LIPO-AMIC technique20 min.
Prof. M.D.DusanVuceticPlatelet gel in regeneration of chronic wounds20 min.
1:10 - 2:10 PMLUNCH 
PANEL. Regenerative and Aesthetic Gynecology 
M.D.MichalisChrysostomouCurrent PRP Applications in Aesthetic Gynaecology20 min.
M.D.CarolynDe Lucia PRP in gynecology - Where we started, Where we are, and Still keeping it Simple.20 min.
Prof. M.D.Aleksandar Ljubić Internal autologous rejuvenation - State of the art.20 min.
M.D.Zuramis Estrada BlancoPRP and Stem Cells in Pudendal Atrapment Syndrom: my personal experiences.20 min.
M.D.RashadHaddadThe relationship between regenerative gynecology and sexuality.20 min.
M.D.CarolynDe Lucia The Vampire Procedures, Why they have endured the test of time.20 min.
 International consensus20 min.
PANEL.  Regenerative Orthopedics, Sports Medicine and Pain Management 
4:50 - 5:30 PMSession. Pain Management  
M.D. PhDErnestoCidranesSTEM CELLS: Game of Thrones in restoring function and pain control.20 min.
Assoc. Prof. M.D.SukritiDasStem Cell Research in Bangladesh: Neurosurgical Perspective - stem cell treatment of complete spinal cord injury20 min. 
9 A.M.PANEL. Basic science in Regenerative Medicine 
M.D. PhDBehnam SadeghiDecidua stromal cells (DSC), new and promising source of stromal cells for acute inflammatory disorders20 min. 
M.D.MiguelGarber Noninvasive Assessment of Stromal Vascular Fraction Graft in Myocardial Infarction: Impact on Cardiac Function and Scar Healing20 min. 
M.D. M.S.Himanshu BansalClinical application of stem cells - practical tips, lab to clinic20 min. 
PANEL.  Regenerative Orthopedics, Sports Medicine and Pain Management 
10:20 AMSESSION. Cartilage Regeneration 
Prof. M.D.AlanIvkovicNose2Knee - Innovative Regenerative Strategy for Articular Cartilage Repair20 min. 
Prof. M.D.RehaTandoganCurrent treatment of patellar and trochlear chondral defects: Role of scaffolds & BMAC20 min. 
M.D.RamYaronApplication of PRP in shoulder pathology20 min. 
Prof. M.D.MuratBozkurtCurrent treatment strategies for cartilage repair20 min. 
M.D.WasimKhanMSCs for cartilage repair- novel techniques to optimise chondrogenesis20 min. 
M.D.NenadLujicBone transplantation20 min. 
M.D.MarcoLiccardoPRP in orthopaedics. Is it actually an effective weapon? 20 min. 
M.D.Rowan PaulClinical Decision Making in Regenerative Orthobiologics- Where rubber meets the road; PRP vs Bone Marrow vs Adipose vs Placental vs Alpha-2-macroglobulin vs Prolotherapy20 min. 
Prof. M.D.Ferdinando Da Rin de LorenzoThe use of platelet gel associated with BMPs, stem cells and bone autologous graft in substance loss after debridement in the infections of the bone; our experience20 min. 
1:20 - 2:20 PMLUNCH  
PANEL.  Regenerative Orthopedics, Sports Medicine and Pain Management 
 Session. Pain Management  
M.D.Joel I. OsorioMesenchymal Stem Cells and Potential
Neuroregeneration in Spinal Cord Injury
20 min. 
2:20 - 3:40 PMSESSION. Osteoarthritis treatment 
Prof. M.D.StefanoZanasiStem cells resurfacing and photobiomodulation in osteoarthritis: a novel approach40 min.
M.D.ArifSoemarjonoThe novel technique of PRP injection for the knee OA.20 min. 
International consensus of  PANEL. Regenerative Orthopedics, Sports Medicine and Pain Management - all from Ortho-panel can participate20 min. 
9:00 AMPANEL. Regenerative Urology 
M.D.ShawketAlkhayalApplications of Platelet rich Plasma in Andrology (our updated results for the use of Platelet rich Plasma as a treatment for erectile dysfunction)20 min.
M.D.AbbasKhadraCombination of Cord derived stem cells with PRP (platelet rich plasma) in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.20 min.
M.D. PhDErnestoCidranesNEW MEN PROTOCOL: Stem Cells for Erectile Dysfunction20 min.
International consensus20 min.
10:40 A.M.PANEL. Dermatology and Hair Restoration 
M.D.Tzachi Shelkovitz Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) - The Ultimate "FILLER"20 min.
M.D.Tayfun OguzogluRegenerative Therapies with FUE Hair Transplant20 min.
M.D.LeonorGirão PRP in Facial Rejuvenation: Does it work? Biometrical Analisys and personal protocol.20 min.
International consensus20 min.
12 - 12:10 CLOSING GRC 2019 AND WHAT IS COMING NEXT 10 min. 
13 - 18 P.M.