Miomir Knezevic, PhD

Biotechnology, cell technology, cell therapies and tissue engineering

Miomir Knezevic, PhD

SPEAKER in Basic science in Regenerative medicine panel

Miomir Knezevic is CSO of MBSI and CEO of Educell and started his career as a teacher and continued as a researcher and CEO in small biotechnology companies in Slovenia and Austria.

Miomir is a biologist and he got his PhD in biotechnology at the University of Ljubljana in 1994. At the Institute of Applied Microbiology in Vienna, he specialised in Biotechnology, especially animal cell technology, cell therapies and tissue engineering.

During his more-than-20-year professional career, he worked at different institutes in Slovenia, Austria and Belgium. Miomir is a co-founder of several biotech companies, with participation of Venture capital. He worked as a national expert on detachment in the unit for Applied Genomics, Biotechnology for Health, in the directorate Health, DG Research, European Commission, Brussels and he had a position at the Blood Transfusion Centre in Ljubljana as the Head of the Unit for Collection and Processing of Haematopoietic Stem Cells. He collaborated as an Assistant Director for Technology Transfer with the National Institute of Biology research project where he coordinated the international project SYSTHER. Miomir is a consultant to several biopharmaceutical companies. Miomir is a member of the board of venture capital fund RSG Prvi kapital.