Dr. Zuramis Estrada Blanco

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Dr. Zuramis Estrada Blanco

SPEAKER in Regenerative gynecology

Specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics with direct dedication to Urogynecology
and Women’s Health. Expert in pelvic floor disorders, aesthetic gynecology and the
use of regenerative therapies for vulvo-vaginal and pelvic floor disorders such as
platelet-rich plasma, stem cells, laser and vaginal radiofrequency.

The medical professional works at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Service of
the University Hospital of Southeast of Madrid, being responsible for the Pelvic
Floor Unit and clinical tutor of the medical students of the Francisco Vitoria
University of Madrid; she also has an extensive and distinguished professional
career as medical director of the Gynecological Medical Aesthetic Research Center
(CIMEG-Madrid), which is part of the unit pelvic floor and chronic pelvic pain.
Member of several national and international medical societies, but very
special to be the President of the International Society of Aesthetic Gynecology and
Research (ISGAR); Vice-Chair of the Cosmeto-Urogynecology Interest Group of the
International Urogynecology Association (IUGA); and member of the expert
committee of the International Association of Aesthetic Gynaecology and Sexual
Wellbeing in the UK. He is also a member of the Spanish Society of Obstetrics
Gynecology (SEGO), of the Spanish Society of Cervical Pathology and Colposcopy
and of Clinical Ultrasound (SEECO).

Among its numerous activities are those of giving courses and conferences
in different events and university masters, as well as participating as a speaker in
Congresses in Spain and abroad; everything related to urogynecology, genital
restoration and high technology applied to women's health.
His academic achievements include Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery,
specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics. Expert in evaluation and treatment of
pelvic floor and female genital diseases (genital restoration). Master in Senology
and Breast Diseases from the University of Barcelona and Fellow in
Oncogyngological Surgery, USA 2004.

Pioneer in its specialization by the techniques (both invasive and non-
invasive) applied in the genital restoration and women's health.
He is currently responsible for the logistics and scientific organization of the
1st International Symposium on High Technology Applied to Medicine to be held at
the University of Oxford next June, 2019.
Medical Award 2019 in Urogynecology and Woman Health.