Dr. Dzihan Abazovic

emergency medicine specialist, lector

Dr. Dzihan Abazovic

SPEAKER in Orthopedics and Spine surgery panel


Dzihan Abazovic is an emergency medicine specialist. He graduated from University of Belgrade Medical Faculty in 2007 and after graduation he got a fellowship and opportunity to work with Prof Dr Rui Fernando Pilotto in Hospital das Clinicas in Brazil where they worked in the field of clinical genetics and intercellular signaling. 

In the next year dr Abazovic started a fellowship in the Netherlands and in collaboration with dr Peter Everts gained valuable knowledge in blood management. During residency dr Abazovic did a fellowship at the Clinical centre of Serbia, Belgrade, and after he got a licence to practice emergency medicine and traumatology he started with his own clinical practice in Ulcinj, Montenegro and in Belgrade, Serbia. He was also a chef of emergency medicine department in the Emergency Medicine Centre of Montenegro in Ulcinj (2013-2018) and since 2010 dr Abazovic works on a project on the Institute for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Along with his colleagues dr Abazovic was the first doctor
in Serbia who introduced regenerative medicine in clinical practice. 

Research of stem cell and blood derivatives in orthopaedics is one of his gratest interests and together with his orthopaedic team he introduced novel technique in the treatment of different pathologies.Nowadays dr Abazovic holds lectures and training courses in the most reputable world centres in the field of orthopaedic.