Dr Abbas Khadra

Consultant Urologist amd Andrologist

Dr Abbas Khadra

SPEAKER in Regenerative Urology

Dr Abbas Khadra
Consultant Urologist amd Andrologist.

He completed his training in London (UK) in major teaching hospitals. He has
diploma in Urology from UK and is Fellow of European Board of urology. He did
his andrology fellowship at University College Hospital In London. He deals with
the surgical and medical management of renal, prostatic and genital disorders in
male and female patients. His andrological work includes the management and
treatment of male infertility and has expertise in micro-surgical sperm retrieval
and genital reconstruction. He also has expertise in management of male and
female sexual disorders. In male patients such treatments include penile
prosthesis surgery and penile enlargement procedures. In female patients he
carries out vaginal rejuvination procedures. He has recently completed the first
ever trial in the middle east on penile augmentation using fillers with successful
results. He has a special interest in new treatment modalities in particular stem
cell therapy for erectile dysfunction and peyronie’s disease, for which he currently
offers such treatments in his private clinic in Beirut.